We can feel the thunder in the ground and hear the spokes spinning up the excitement in the air, even with 50 days to go!

You will not be able to move a muscle in Brisbane in 50 days time without feeling the total reign of cycling in the city. The Brisbane Cycling Festival is coming to town and you’re going to want to jump on board, and while you’re at it – jump on a bike!

The festival will include live performances, stunt riders, music, food and fun. Get involved in the festivities with sponsor activations, cycling activities and fun for the entire family. 

Whether you’re keen to be amused, the cycling enthused, or in it for the food and the tunes, we are excited to bring you into the world of cycling and we are taking the city with us.

Bust out onto the cycling tracks, or get your groove on with the music tracks; there’s the road to fun for everyone!

Brisbane is inviting people from all over the world to Watch, Play and Stay in this wonderful city and be part of the largest Cycling Festival the city has ever hosted.

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